If you know White Castle Roofing’s story, and you listen to MyBridge Radio, you might have heard something that sounded a little familiar last week. And you’d be right!

Last week, our own Charissa Hansen, who serves as our community relations coordinator, did an interview with Stan Parker and Gordon Wheeler during MyBridge Radio’s Morning Conversation. While White Castle Roofing wasn’t named specifically, Charissa had the opportunity to share about how our business is driven by the faith of owners Mike and Carol Hansen.

As Charissa told Gordon and Stan, although White Castle Roofing isn’t specifically a Christian company, our business is still rooted in the values of the faith. “We see [our industry] as an opportunity to to be able to help people with our talents, and with really amazing, quality staff,” she said. “To be able to use physical skills to help people has been our own ministry, and that started from the top, from Mike’s perspective of… ‘We’re not here just to benefit us, so how can we continuously have it in our mindset to give back?'”

Want to listen to the whole conversation? You can do that right here: https://soundcloud.com/mybridgeradio/charissa-hansen

And while you’re at it, you can catch the very special God At Work story about Nina, one of our Free Roof Rescue recipients this year, here: https://soundcloud.com/mybridgeradio/god-at-work-nina-new-roof