Roof Asset Management

Our Roof Asset Management Program is designed for our clients with multiple properties and complex roof systems.  This incorporates our Roof Assurance Program with annual roof audits that provides a breakdown of each roof section, building, and properties into budgets that can be forecasted.   This helps property and facility managers make more informed business decisions and better manage their portfolio.

Review our finds || Repair/Replacement Recommendation

We will review the inspections and identify the sections of the roof that need attention and come up with the Action Plan to address any issues.

Budget Analysis

Looking at the entire roofing portfolio as a whole and determining the greatest area of needs, and considering the customer’s budget, we can better plan what the implementation should look like from a monitor, repair, replace standpoint.

Remaining Life

Consideration of a roof’s remaining lifespan is crucial. We assess the current cost of replacement against the potential expense five years down the line. Additionally, we analyze the feasibility of prolonging the roof’s durability beyond its expected lifespan and estimate the future replacement cost. This strategic evaluation ensures informed decision-making regarding maintenance, replacement, and cost-effectiveness.