Hustle: it’s not just a con by a mustachioed mobster in a fedora, nor a group dance your uncle tries to (embarrassingly) bust out at every wedding. At White Castle Roofing, we think our version of Hustle is a little more important (and less nefarious) – important enough, in fact, to make it one of our core values.

Last month, we used this space to explain our first core value, Community. But that one is fairly self-explanatory. This month, we’ll go through a little more of a value that’s a little less common-sense, but every bit as important.

As a recap, White Castle Roofing’s six core values are:

Hustle deals with efficiency and motivation. It isn’t just moving fast and getting things done quickly to check off the box – it’s doing things thoroughly, correctly, and in a timely manner. We don’t take shortcuts, and understand that quality work can take a good deal of time. And that’s OK! We would rather something take a little longer, but be done right. Even if it takes a little more time at the front end, doing a project well once will be much quicker than doing it poorly and having to re-do it!

Clock in at sunrise
White Castle Roofing teams are up with the sun — and ready to work!

This principle applies across our business. When you call a White Castle Roofing office, we aim for no more than two rings on the phone (sometimes this is tough, on busy days, but it’s still a goal). We ask a bunch of questions, but that helps us get your project to the right person so it’s done more efficiently overall. We’re constantly working to improve our internal systems to improve our efficiency, resulting in quicker callback times and less wasted minutes for our office and sales staff.

On your project, Hustle is a key value as well! Often a residential roof is done in just one or two days, because our teams are motivated to work hard – and are experienced enough to know how to do the most efficient job as well. Dilly-dallying doesn’t fly here! We value a team who knows when to work and when to play.

Because we do care about quality, we have a project manager assigned to every property where we work. His job is to make sure there’s an open line of communication with the property owner – and work with the crew to ensure that the job has been done right. That helps safeguard against problems stemming from poor work, and is why we can offer an industry-best workmanship warranty. Doing a job well one time will be faster than doing a job poorly several times – every time.

At White Castle Roofing, we want to be the type of business that can generate its own motivation to do the best work we can. To us, that’s Hustle – and a quality like that is maybe worth dancing about.