You can’t necessarily outrun cancer — but you can run to honor someone else’s marathon against it.

At least that’s how White Castle Roofing’s Jared Loudy saw it. And that’s why he spearheaded our participation in the 2018 Race for GRACE, a fundraiser to benefit the GRACE Foundation in Grand Island.

GRACE, or GRand Island Area Cancer Endowment, provides both emotional and financial support to those in the Grand Island area battling cancer. Their assistance comes in the form of fuel cards, funds for utilities or rent, pantry items, and — just as importantly — love.

Race for GRACE cheering section

Race for GRACE volunteers love both race participants and those served by the GRACE Foundation. Photo courtesy GRACE Foundation

The 8th annual Race for GRACE was held on a frigid morning on Saturday, April 7. More than 1,700 participants, including Jared, flocked to downtown Grand Island for the event, despite the cold. Several sponsors, including White Castle Roofing, added their support for the cause.

“I believe it was in the teens when we started,” Jared said, “but the wind was calm and the sun was out.”

Jared starting Race for GRACE

White Castle Roofing’s own Jared Loudy at the front of the pack to start the race! Photo courtesy GRACE Foundation

In addition to a good workout, participants were treated to some emotional motivation as well. “
When we came up to the starting line, a young mother shared her story of gratitude, about how the GRACE Foundation lifted up her family when they went through the fight of their life with their youngest child,” Jared said. “The GRACE Foundation helped them pay bills, travel to and from treatments, they were able to help when Christmas came and they had been out of work, finding a family to adopt them. The gratitude she shared filled my cup and reminded me about those in our community who are facing seemingly unbearable circumstances, but with GRACE the fight can be a little more bearable.”

White Castle Roofing was so proud of Jared, who placed second in the 10K! Even more, though, we are proud to be able to support such a worthwhile cause. “Grand Island is home for both the Loudys and now the White Castle Roofing family, and we think of the causes in the community as our causes as well,” Jared said. “When the people we work with and for are passionate about something, we want them to know we are with them. When it came time this year to raise awareness and funds through Race for GRACE, we couldn’t help but ‘race’ to get on board.”

Jared at Race for GRACE

Jared represented White Castle Roofing so well — finishing second overall in the 10K! Photo courtesy GRACE Foundation

By the time it’s all said and done, the event is expected to raise just over $40,000! We know this money will be a blessing to those in need, and we could not be happier to have been a part of such an incredible event.