It was a warm, sunny June day, the type that just defines Nebraska summers. A cacophony of construction sounds filled the air — boards being joined together, nail guns galore, heavy machinery backup signals, a dozen radio stations competing for listeners. A neighborhood was being transformed.

Raise your hand if you’ve read this before

If you’re at all familiar with White Castle Roofing, you know we love participating in just about any project we can with Habitat for Humanity. We’ve had a blast collaborating on the Hoops for Homes project with the Omaha Mavs men’s and women’s basketball teams, and helping provide roofs for builds in Lincoln and Grand Island. But admittedly, the event we are most involved with — and probably look forward to most as well — is the annual Builders Blitz in Omaha.

This amazing event takes place over the course of a week, turning an entire block into a thriving street of new homeowners, helping to revitalize a neighborhood. Habitat for Humanity of Omaha is one of more than 30 chapters nationwide participating in Builders Blitz event, constructing more than 200 homes in total. This year’s event in Omaha saw nine new homes go up in the Adams Park neighborhood, as part of a three-year commitment in that area that will see three blocks transformed.

As in past years, White Castle Roofing was ready to provide two of the roofs for the Builders Blitz, working with our friends at JE Dunn and Kiewit Construction on those projects. But when another contractor was unable to participate in the Blitz at the last minute, Habitat for Humanity staff called us for help. Thanks to some amazing crew members, our friends at GAF (who helped provide shingles and materials), and some understanding homeowners, we were able to rearrange our schedule to be able to take care of all three roofs in the time frame needed to keep the Builders Blitz on schedule.

And the end result? It’s more than worth it. On Saturday morning, nine families (who had been present during the event, putting in their Sweat Equity to help build these homes) were joined by Habitat for Humanity staff and several of the week’s volunteers and contractors in a special housewarming party for the ages. Before the fun and games began, plaques were presented, homes were prayed for, and finally nine families had a new place to call home.

Want to see more? Check out KETV’s on-site reporting from the first day of the Builders Blitz, or take a look through the photos below!