Community Safety: An Overview

At White Castle Roofing, the safety and well-being of our customers and employees are always our top priorities. We understand that the rapidly evolving situation with the coronavirus COVID-19 can be unnerving with new information coming to light daily. We are closely monitoring these developments and looking to experts such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for guidance. As a result, we have taken several actions to ensure we are keeping your well being front and center.

We’ve had internal communication covering proper practices to prevent the spread of germs from person to person. We are also asking our Team Members to avoid any personal contact such as face to face contact with homeowners. Our Team Members will communicate with you through phone, text, email, and video chat.

Our goal is to keep the customers and team members as safe as possible and away from any potential exposure, but this does not limit the level of service we are able to provide.

Technology enables us to begin your new project or to keep your existing project moving along with little to no physical interaction. We can deliver the same great service and personalized, in-home style meeting via video chat. This is simple to do with any mobile device. We’re happy to walk you through the steps to ensure you receive a detailed presentation to make informed decisions and the full value of the White Castle Roofing experience.

Any sample products you receive to look through will be properly sanitized before you receive them.

Most of the work that we do does not require face to face interaction, so we are still able to perform most, if not all, repairs and replacements. Additionally, we offer industry-leading technology, such as CompanyCam, which allows us to follow the progress of your project using any mobile device. This essentially eliminates the need to have personal contact with any of our crew members

while keeping you fully involved in every step of the process. Your Project Managers are only a phone call or text away to address any questions or concerns.

Social Distancing Procedures: Step By Step

At White Castle Roofing, we understand the questions and concerns you as a home or business owner may have during this time. We want to assure you that we are doing what we can to keep our community safe. Please read our COVID-19 Policy and understand the following of what to expect from our sales teams during this time.

Initial Site Visits

  • Your assigned sales representative will call you and schedule a time to inspect your property.
  • During site visits, sales representatives will call or text you to let you know when they are going to be on site.
  • We will not require the sales representatives to meet in person, come to the door, shake hands, or enter a home at this time.
  • Our sales representatives have been provided information on social distancing, so please do not feel disrespected if they are implementing this practice. Your safety as well as our sales representative is very important to us.
  • Your representative will then walk around the property and take pictures with CompanyCam and take initial measurements of what is needed for the estimate.
  • No estimate will be provided on site during this initial site visit.
  • If you have a leak or other interior issue that needs to be looked at, please provide pictures to our sales team through email or text.


Once your estimate is ready, your sales representative will schedule a live web meeting to discuss your

  • A live web meeting will allow your sales representative to walk through the proposal live, screen share, access product website information and colors, and explain to the fullest what to expect from White Castle Roofing.
  • If you are unable to meet via live web meeting please communicate this with your sales representative. Once a time is scheduled, your sales representative will email you the estimate that will include:
    • Scheduled live chat meeting date and time.
    • A CompanyCam report with detailed pictured documentation.
    • Product Literature and/or website links.

Products and Literature

Your sales representative will be able to drop off samples without meeting or give you addresses we have completed in the past so you can drive by and see the product of choice in person.

  • Samples that are dropped off are sanitized before they arrive at your house and once they are picked back up.
  • Websites and literature will be available when your estimate is provided in the email containing your estimate.

Accepting Your Proposal

White Castle Roofing offers an easy way to accept and sign a proposal via ZOHO Sign. Your sales representative will provide you all the documentation needed and make it easy for you to get the roof of your dreams with excellent workmanship!

Scheduling and Operations

When it comes to completing your project for you, most things have not changed in how we operated before. Our main goal is to ensure your safety and that we deliver the same high quality product that we have for many years. We are trying to eliminate all physical person to person contact, yet continuing to inform you throughout the duration of your project.

  • We will call or email you to notify you of when we are expecting to start your project based off of the agreed upon schedule between you and your sales person.
  • When we come out to perform the work at hand, our operations managers will contact you the morning that we are starting to introduce themselves via phone to let you know what to expect with us being at your property, any delays, and answering any questions you might have. They will conduct site visits until the project is completed to ensure quality and safety.
  • If we run into anything unexpected, an operations manager will notify you and can also send you pictures of the progress or any issues as they may arise.
  • After the project is completed, our operations team will again notify you that they are returning to perform an inspection and answer any questions you may have via phone. Again, there is no need for person to person contact as we can communicate via phone, email, or a safe distance through your door.

Our goals are still the same, which are to ensure the White Castle Roofing is delivering a high quality product to our customers and that we are doing so in a safe manner.