Although technically the season doesn’t change for another week, step outside and acknowledge the truth: it’s winter! And while we aren’t doing a ton of residential shingling in the colder months, our roof repairs team is still very much at work. We take calls every day from folks who are noticing a leak or a water spot on their ceiling — and we’re happy to ride in and help save the day (and your drywall)!

However, a lot of the time, what looks like a leak…isn’t. When you see a water spot on your ceiling, it’s pretty natural to assume it came from the roof (what else would be getting your ceiling wet?). But especially in the winter, that isn’t necessarily the case. In this little video, our own Charissa Hansen joined Jon from The Genetti Insurance Agency in Lincoln, Neb., to talk about why you might be seeing those spots, and what you can do to take care of them without so much as picking up the phone.

As Charissa said, if the spots don’t clear up after trying these easy fixes, we’re definitely happy to come out and take a look and get your roof fixed back up. (And if the spots do go away but left a stain on your ceiling, we can help make some recommendations for cleaning that up too.) Just head over to request a free estimate (choose Repairs for the type of estimate you need) and we’ll be in touch!