Roof Inspections

We will inspect your roof for free

roof-inspectionsWhen buying or selling a home, it is very important to know what kind of shape the roof is in. We offer professional roof inspections for realtors and homeowners that address the major aspects of the roofing system. We will estimate the useful life of the roof and identify any problem areas that need to be repaired.

Below is a list of the things we look at when inspecting a steep-slope roof.

Age of Roof

It’s usually impossible to determine the exact age of a roof unless we have specific information about when the shingles were installed, so we’ll generally just estimate the age of the roof based on our experience.

Life Expectancy

We will try to estimate the useful life expectancy of your roof. This is impossible to do with precision, but we can give you a reasonable expectation as to when you will need to replace your roof.

Layers of Shingles

It can be difficult to determine how many layers of shingles are on a roof just by looking from the ground. We’ll lift up the shingles at the bottom of roof to see exactly how many layers of shingles there are.

General Appearance

A roof is not merely a functional covering for you home meant to keep water out. It also has aesthetic value. It should look good. Really good.


Quality of Work

We’ll look over your roof and evaluate the quality of the workmanship that is visible.

Suggested Repairs

If we see anything that is in immediate need of repair we will note it on the inspection form. We’ll let you know the cost of those repairs up-front so you can decide if they fit into your budget.