Gutter Day Preparation

We’re so glad you chose White Castle Roofing to take care of your gutter needs. To help everything run more smoothly, we’ve put together some tips and information that will keep us all on the same page. Of course, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll get your questions answered and needs addressed right away.


What to do

Once your gutters have been scheduled, these simple preparation tips can help make for a smoother experience:

    • Remove valuable items like decorative vases or specialty light bulbs from your yard. While we take care to protect your property, rare accidents do happen as we work on your home. Keeping your valuables out of the yard can help take further steps to protect them.
    • Mow your lawn. This can help in the clean-up process to assist in making sure all hardware is retrieved and not hidden in the grass.
    • Make sure your car is out of the garage on the day your gutters are scheduled. While our gutter trucks are generally parked on the street, it’s helpful to have the driveway available for ample workspace to create your custom gutter solutions.
    • Make sure power is accessible to the outside of your house. If an outlet is only available in the garage, please leave the door open, or provide an access code. If any inside switches need to be turned on to provide power to an outdoor outlet, please make sure they are on. If no power is available, please let us know in advance so that other preparations may be made to provide it.



Our gutter scheduler will call you to set up your workday a day or two in advance. We work hard to make this as timely as possible after your roof is completed, but it may be several weeks later, depending on work volume.

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We try and schedule according to when we anticipate starting the job, but we will have a project manager that will call you on the day we start to let you know of any delays and give you the best information possible.

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We take pictures to document our progress throughout the work. These photos can be made available to you upon request.

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While it can appear messy while the work is in progress, clean-up will always be a high priority for us. Please rest assured that any mess that’s created throughout the work will be cleaned up before we leave.

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Often customers prefer not to be home. Just make sure your car is out of the garage so that it remains easily accessible.

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Extreme heat, cold, or precipitation can make work with metal gutters unsafe or impossible, and as such, work may be delayed for more favorable weather conditions. If a delay must occur, our scheduler will call you with any updates. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we navigate our ever-changing Nebraska weather.

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Each crew is led by an on-site foreman, and team of project managers will monitor the crew’s progress as well. You are welcome to ask questions of anyone on the site at any time. Once the work is completed, a manager will visit to check on the work, make sure everything was done correctly, and take additional photos.




Any questions?


If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please call your salesman or the White Castle Roofing office nearest you. We’re always happy to further explain what we do, and address any special needs your home may have.