Commercial Roofing

Roof Maintenance Plan

Why do you need a maintenance plan

Fix the problem, not just the leak.

When we go out to diagnose a leak we often find that there’s an ongoing issue that’s never been properly repaired. This is a common problem when the people repairing the roof don’t know how to do it right, or just don’t care. We DO care. When we fix a leak, we fix it properly and with the right materials, so it’s not an ongoing problem.

Roof surprises are a bad thing.

A roof maintenance plan will help to eliminate surprise roof issues. A neglected roof can have a number of issues that don’t immediately result in a leak. If those issues remain undetected and unrepaired they often metastasize into a bigger problem. For instance, you may notice a spot on the ceiling, but you can’t see that the roof insulation is damaged. When the insulation is damaged it dramatically lowers its insulating value (R-Value), which lowers the efficiency of your building. On top of that, it will have to be replaced when you re-roof, adding major costs that could have been avoided.

Keep your business operational.

You can’t afford to have a substantial leak that could potentially damage critical components, including inventory, electrical systems, and computers. As a result you could be down for days or weeks, leaving your customers to seek other sources. With a maintenance plan, you will be able to identify these issues before they get this point.

Lower the life-cycle roof cost.

Taking care of your roof issues while they are small will save in the long run. You can avoid some larger roof repairs because they were fixed while they were still small problems. By keeping up with your roof you will help extend the overall life-cycle of the roof. Every extra year you can get out of the roof will pay off handsomely in the long run – making a maintenance plan a cost that actually does pay for itself.