We’ve gotten hit with a few whoppers in the last month! A lot of people think this is great for business — but with storms come the storm chasers, and we don’t mean the baseball team. If you were in an area affected by hail, you’re probably getting interrupted quite a bit from your insurance paperwork by a guy at the door or on the phone asking if he can take a look at your roof. DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!

We’ve covered why a strong reputation is much more important than just getting the lowest bid, especially in a storm damage situation. You want a contractor you can trust to do a good job — and be around long after the roofing work is completed! So as you select a contractor to take care of your home, you should feel free to ask as many questions as you might have, no matter how small it might seem or how tough it might be to answer.

Need some help coming up with what to ask? Great! The folks working here at White Castle Roofing are homeowners too, so here are a few questions that we came up with that we’d ask someone coming to work on our houses.


  • Is everyone on the job insured?
  • If someone is hurt on the job site, who is financially responsible?
  • How do you ensure your crews follow OSHA safety regulations?


  • Are you authorized to sell extended warranties for any shingle manufacturers?
  • How do the standard warranties compare for the shingles you offer?
  • Do you offer any workmanship warranties as a company?

Community investment

  • How long have you been in business in this area?
  • Are you involved in any community service or charitable organizations in the area?

We’d love the chance to have a conversation where we can go over our answers to these questions with you! Click on over to request a free estimate, or give us a call today!