It’s time for another installment of We Are White Castle! We love getting to introduce you to the men and women who make up the team at White Castle Roofing. We want you to know that these are real people with real lives that take part in the same community that you do.

Today, meet Taylor Simpson, one of our Lincoln office’s Roofing Specialists!

Taylor has been with White Castle Roofing for almost four years now. A local guy from just outside of Lincoln, he’s got an eye for the bigness of the world around us, while still keeping a focus on the community here. He’s a nice guy with a work ethic that doesn’t quit. Read on to get to know Taylor!

My birthday: May 24
I started at White Castle: October 2013
My favorite singer/band: The Beatles
My favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Life motto: “If you never go, you never know.”
My dream vacation: Backpacking across Europe
Best dish I make: Grilled steak with sweet corn and garlic mashed potatoes
My hobbies outside of work: Mountain biking, basketball, and golf
I can’t live without: Cheetos puffs