You might not know it from looking outside today (although wait for an hour and a half, things might be different then) but thankfully SPRING IS ALMOST HERE! And we couldn’t be more excited. But what looks to us like a Happy Dance might look, to the Powers that Be, like a rain dance. And in the spring, in Nebraska, where there’s rain, there’s hail. A lot of hail.

In fact, according to the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center and the U.S. Department of Commerce, Nebraska has ranked in the top five states for major hail events (where the hail measures at least one inch in diameter), with at least 450 events each year, since 2011…and that doesn’t even take into account last year’s Hailmageddon. It would seem, then, that the odds are ever in our favor for another hailstorm or 200 this year.

Hail hole in roof

Remember when the hail did this to our city’s roofs last spring? NOT COOL Mother Nature.

Maybe last year’s hail (or the year before that, or the year before that) left you in need of a new roof. You know who to call in that case. (Here’s a hint: us.) But maybe you’ve been lucky and haven’t needed a roof replacement yet. That’s awesome! But the day may yet come, and to those folks, we offer our best advice we can: Document, document, document.

We’ve seen it over and over in the 30-plus years White Castle Roofing has been operating — the hail storm comes, and the whole neighborhood is getting a new roof. So you call your insurance agent, and they send over and adjuster, and you should be getting a new roof too, right? Except that your roof is kind of old, and the adjuster tells you that the damage up there isn’t necessarily due to the storm, so the roof might need to be replaced but it’ll be on your own dime. What the what now?

This is where the smart homeowner can set himself or herself apart: by producing documentation, in the form of a written roof inspection from a reputable, trustworthy roofing contractor, noting the roof’s condition, life expectancy, and workmanship quality. Sure, it might set the budget back $100, but Homeowner Hero just saved the cost of a new roof by having quality documentation BEFORE the hail hit.

Homeowner Hero is smart. Be like Homeowner Hero.

White Castle Roofing is a preferred contractor for a whole slew of insurance agents and companies, an honor we’ve worked hard to maintain. So if we’ve done a thorough written inspection of your roof, you can rest assured that if and when the hail comes, your inspection will keep some green in your pocket because your insurance agent or adjuster can trust the documentation you have of what your roof’s condition was prior to the storm. The bonus is that if there ARE areas of concern, you can get those fixed up to help elongate the life of your roof, again saving you cash by giving you an idea of how long you have to save up for a roof and repairing it when possible. It’s just part of being a responsible homeowner!

So this spring, before the hail comes, take the smart step of having us come out and do a written roof inspection for your home. You can learn more here, and request an inspection here (just choose “Residential Roof Written Inspection Only” from the drop-down box) or by calling your nearest White Castle Roofing office. It’s easy, it’s cheap (next to the cost of a whole new roof!) and it’s insurance for your insurance.

Seems like reason enough to do a happy dance!