It’s time for another installment of We Are White Castle! We love getting to introduce you to the men and women who make up the team at White Castle Roofing. We want you to know that these are real people with real lives that take part in the same community that you do.

Today, meet human resources manager Tricia Craft!

Tricia joined White Castle Roofing in January of 2015. She is the wizard who manages the schedule for more than 1,000 roofs each year, while also managing the human resources needs of our year-round AND seasonal employees. And yet, it’s tough to find her without a big smile! You’ll hear her cheery voice on the phone when she calls to set up your roofing date and walks you through what to expect that day. She’s been an incredibly valuable asset to us, and we’re so glad to have her as part of White Castle Roofing!

Get to know a little more about Tricia in her own words…

My birthday: October 25
I started at White Castle: January 2015
My favorite singer/band: Johnny Cash
My favorite movie: All. of. them.
My life motto/favorite quote: “So it goes.”
My dream vacation: Anywhere with a beach
Best dish I make: Teriyaki salmon
My hobbies: Woodworking, painting, changing anything and everything in my house
I can’t live without: My fiancé, Chris…cheesy, I know..