After this spring’s giant hail storm, we’ve been asked — a LOT — about when the best time of year to put on a new roof is. While White Castle Roofing is generally able to safely install new roofs well into the fall months, especially when you’re working with an insurance claim, it can be beneficial to wait until the spring or summer (or as long as your insurance will allow!) to have your roofing job completed. Here are some reasons why…

  • In Nebraska it hails…frequently. It’s not uncommon to see hail storms in the fall or early spring. You may be able to avoid another replacement (and another deductible!) by waiting, in the event of another storm. After all, one more season on your old roof is one less on your new one, saving you an extra season of wear and tear. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Your price will already be locked in. When you sign a scope of work with White Castle Roofing, we will honor the price, no matter when your roof is completed. We’re folks of our word, and when we say something will cost a certain amount, that’s what it’ll be.
  • We have a repair team at the ready. We work year-round to make sure our customers’ homes remain watertight. You can rest assured that we will be able to patch any leaks until your new roof is installed. And if you haven’t met our repair guys…well, on the one hand we hope you don’t need to (because it means your roof is doing great!), but they’re pretty great guys who have seen just about everything the weather can throw at your roof, and handle it with aplomb. (Bonus points if you can define “aplomb” without looking at a dictionary.)
  • The weather conditions can be better for roofing. Cooler temperatures can reduce scuffing on the shingles during installation, followed by the heat of summer days to better adhere the shingles and reduce blowouts. What that means: a pretty stellar-looking roof. Of course our teams are trained to be able to put on roofs throughout the year, but some of the most ideal conditions are when the weather isn’t quite the “I just stepped outside and now it looks like I’ve taken a shower” sweat-inducing days we get around here, where it feels like we live inside a slow cooker. Safety is a key ingredient to the White Castle recipe for success, and nice days translate well to nice roofs.

When it’s all said and done, here’s the best way to put it: