grand-giveaway-logoWhite Castle Roofing is built on three core values: trust, longevity, and community. We strive every day to be the kind of neighbor that makes the city so wonderful — the kind who is generous, constructive, active, and gracious. One of the most tangible ways we can make that effort is through our monthly Grand Giveaway.

Each month during the roofing season (April-November) — as well as once in the winter — we randomly select three customers whose homes we re-roofed. Each of those three customers receives a $500 rebate for the work we did, and are invited to select a charity for us to whom we donate an additional $500 on their behalf — for a total of a grand…well, given away.

This has been an amazing opportunity for us to show our customers how grateful we are for them, and show our community the same. We came up with a list of local charities from which the winners can choose, all of which provide amazing services to the men, women and children that make up our hometown. You can see that full list here.

The Grand Giveaway initiative was born in 2011. Since then, we’ve given nearly $60,000 to local charities — in addition to matching that amount back to our customers. We don’t want to overlook that component, either: without our phenomenal customers helping spread the word about our work, we wouldn’t be able to operate. We rely on the men and women we interact with every day to enable us to keep doing business, and from those relationships, we’ve been blessed to be able to give back, both to our customers and our community.

There is little in this field as rewarding as the phone call to a winner. A $500 rebate can be a godsend to a family just as much as a $500 check can be to a charity’s bottom line. Getting to provide both — three times — every month? Well…that’s just grand.