Howdy folks and welcome to another edition of Roofs of the Week.  The fact that you’re even reading this blog post tells me that you like roofing just as much as we do!

Without further ado, here are the roofs of the week!


Certainteed - Landmark Pro - Max Def Georgetown Gray

Certainteed – Landmark Pro – Max Def Georgetown Gray


GAF - Timberline HD - Weathered Wood

GAF – Timberline HD – Weathered Wood


Tamko - Heritage - Thunderstorm Gray

Tamko – Heritage – Thunderstorm Gray


Certainteed - Landmark - Resawn Shake

Certainteed – Landmark – Resawn Shake


Certainteed - Landmark - Heather Blend

Certainteed – Landmark – Heather Blend


Certainteed - Landmark - Pewter

Certainteed – Landmark – Pewter


Tamko - Heritage - Natural Timber

Tamko – Heritage – Natural Timber


Certainteed - Landmark - Burnt Sienna

Certainteed – Landmark – Burnt Sienna


GAF - Timberline HD - Hickory

GAF – Timberline HD – Hickory


Tamko - Heritage - Autumn Brown

Tamko – Heritage – Autumn Brown

Well hopefully that’s enough roof pictures for you guys!

I want to thank Donny Jensen for getting out and taking all these roof photos for us.  Donny is our quality control specialist. He checks almost every roof we do and makes sure everything is up to par. He’s great at his job and he’s got a good eye for photography.

We document all this using an app that we built called CompanyCam.  It allows us to take pictures at many different locations and have them all stream into our office headquarters in real-time. It’s been incredibly beneficial for us. If you think you, or someone you know, could have a need for us please go the the CompanyCam website and check it out!