We’re always trying to stay on the front end of the technological curve.  If there’s a way for us to do something faster, better, or more efficiently, then we’re all about! We were one of the first local companies to measure roofs on the computer using software called Pictometry. This saved us time and increased the accuracy of our measurements – a win/win!  We are certainly the first local roofing company to use drones for roof inspections, but we’re probably going to slow down there since the FAA is making this harder and harder to do.

Over the last year we began looking for some good software to manage all of the photos we were taking at job sites. We go to a lot of different job sites everyday in Omaha and Lincoln, so it was getting increasingly harder to keep track of all the photos we were taking. Some of us at White Castle are pretty technologically savvy, but let’s just say that the vast minority :). Asking all of our guys to take photos with their phones, rename the files, and properly upload them to the dropbox was a recipe for disaster (not to mention a huge waste of time).

So we starting looking for some construction software that would help us keep track of these photos.  For us, the most important piece of information about any given photo is where that photo was taken. We wanted to find some software that would allow us to easily group our photos together based on where they were taken.  I thought it would be an easy thing to find.  I mean there’s a lot of other companies out there that do similar work and have run into the same problem, I thought.  I was wrong.

There is a lot of construction software out there, but it’s almost all bloated and really tricky to use.  I don’t want to have to click through your app 14 times just to take one photo. I need something that makes my workday easier, not harder. After spending hours and hours googling and trying out apps I still couldn’t find anything that was even close to what I wanted. So I decided to make one!

We started building CompanyCam a couple months ago. The purpose is not just to allow us to easily organize all of our photos based on where they were taken, but to give us a window from the office to the field.  Every photo and note our employees take is automatically organized by where it was taken and then instantly uploaded to the cloud.  We can see the progress of all our projects right from the office in real-time.  It allows us to keep track of what’s going on at all our job sites without having to make a hundred phone call a day.


We’re still in the development stage right now, but we hope to have it ready to go by early 2015. We know we’re not the only ones that want to keep track of our jobs sites and better organize our information, so we’re going to make the app available to the public and other businesses. If you’re interested in the nuts and bolts just swing over here and see how it works!