It’s time for another installment of We Are White Castle! We love getting to introduce you to the men and women who make up the team at White Castle Roofing. We want you to know that these are real people with real lives that take part in the same community that you do.

Today, meet Omaha repair specialist Dusty Winchester!

Dusty is the knight in shining armor who rides in on his trusty steed (or familiar WC pickup truck) when you see water spots on your ceiling or shingles in your yard. Your roof might not need a full replacement yet, but you definitely need help with a repair — and Dusty is the guy for the job. He’s got a wealth of knowledge and experience, which has made him an incredibly valuable member of the White Castle Roofing family that we love having on our team. Get to know Dusty better, in his own words!

My birthday: July 14
I started at White Castle: December 2014
My favorite singer: Kenny Chesney
My favorite movie: Jack Reacher or John Wick
My life motto: Never be afraid to fail
My dream vacation: Travel overseas
The best dish I make: Two over-easy eggs, a pile of bacon (not crispy), and a HUGE pancake(s) with loads of syrup
Outside of work, I like: Soccer, lifting, and video games
I can’t live without: Mega-Stuffed Oreos